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Welcome to Mars Enterprise

Mars Enterprises wanders into the exceedingly aggressive worldwide market with colossal prospects. We have demonstrated our believability in a limited ability to focus time. Today, we are Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Minerals, for example, Dolomite, Feldspar, Fumed Silica, Clay, Limestones, Hydrated Lime, Quartz, Silica Gel and Silica Sand, discovering applications in both Chemical and Foundry Sectors.

Why Choose Us ?

Quality Assurance

We have master obtainment operators, who source the crude Minerals for creation from the most confided in sources. We process the Minerals well to evacuate pollutions and have idealize extents. Dampness free bundling holds the nature of Minerals for the longest conceivable length. We are referred to for our auspicious conveyance also.


We have acutely observed the requirement of developing a healthy network locally as well internationally for selling our products.Our system is growing in India and additionally around the world. We try our best to keep in regular touch with our associates, clients and partners across the globe. Not surprising at all, that we are increasingly popular in the global market.

Our Products